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Raja and Levin disagree and counter that the lack of available resources in a society makes a greater imperative for getting surgery done right the first time.

Poor surgical outcomes will burden the health system with increased iatrogenic morbidity."(17): The trend of allowing medical providers to practice beyond their abilities is one of the worst practices in global health.

They often offer inappropriate treatment because they think they ‘must give something.’ The consultations are often one off, with little possibility for follow up and the local health providers are left to pick up the pieces with no record of the consultation.

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Someone receives an antibiotic and experiences an unrecognized first-exposure reaction that indicates a second exposure could be deadly.

Unite For Sight's priority is to instill in our volunteers and the general public a thorough understanding of the sustainable best practice principles on which Unite For Sight is founded.

We believe that it is very important to raise awareness and understand that "worst practice" principles employed by some organizations can do significant harm.

Furthermore, these worst practices violate concepts of social justice and human rights.(1)(2)Due to high costs, schedule constraints and complicated logistics, many global health endeavors take the form of short-term medical missions, which undermine the local health care system, cause significant harm, and reinforce poverty.(3) These missions are often labeled as medical tourism or "volunteer vacations" – “short-term overseas work in poor countries by clinical people from rich countries”(4) – and can be seen as: Though few would question the honorable intentions behind most global health interventions, short-term missions rarely produce tangible medical benefits in local communities.

Organizers often fail to sufficiently research the communities they are entering, and without preventive and follow-up care, they cannot provide enduring health improvements.

In the Global North, internists do not treat children and general surgeons do not prescribe eyeglasses – why should this be different in the Global South?

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