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28-Aug-2019 18:56

The RHP pagans may cross the Abyss in Thelema or seek Summerland or Valhalla.The Left Hand Path practitioner, or “Black Brother,” as Aleister Crowley would call us, do not seek this union with the divine, but rather to keep our Ego as we seek self enlightenment, or self deification, to be more exact.However, rather than Haight-Ashbury Park, our link is to the Black House of one Anton Szandor La Vey.And never the twain shall meet, except perhaps for our friends at The Satanic Temple, but I’ll leave that discussion for another essay.

During the last 20 years in the Bluegrass region, I have many times heard a Wiccan interviewed on local television say something along the lines of; “We are Wiccans, we worship nature and the great goddess. We have to remember the Occult revival in the United States hit full stride in the 1960’s, and often reflects the Hippie Flower Child beliefs of that era.

There will still be pain, even if one wins the game, and as one ages, that pain becomes harder and harder to recover from. The military tactician Carl Von Clausewitz once said, “War is the continuation of politics by a different means.” When we’re young and immortal, we often see warring against our adversary du jour as an adventure, and win or lose, we throw ourselves against the walls that stand in our way, determined to knock them down or be destroyed in the attempt. We fight to be king of the hill, take our lumps and begin again.

One has no fear of the battle in and of itself, just a growing unwillingness to devote an ever larger amount of time in recuperation. Bumps and bruises are a part of the game of life and the hill we climb is everywhere! There’s little to lose and a long time to live, Chumbawamba ringing in our ears…

We leave the often ‘holier than thou’ altruism to others.

We have come a long way since that fateful evening, April 30 1966.It’s not that we just don’t care anymore, but that we’re not as resilient as we used to be.