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Since 2008, nearly every CPU released by the company comes with the IME which some call a computer within your computer...Positive Technologies, can execute unsigned code on nearly any computer running the IME through USB. Intel CPU-ring level wormware that nobody can secure themselves from? Careful net snorting maybe at the firewall/NAP/router level, and then you'd have individual malware-specific things to look for right?The practical truth is that nothing has changed since the days of the Roman empire, only the technology, no? To my second post, the link was bad: AI is now officially a religion. A cook allegedly poisoned a noble man and his family and the King decreed that "as he had killed by cooking he in turn should be killed by cooking" on the "eye for an eye" principle. We were discussing the possibility of using Win2K as a useable solution to problem of many of new hacks.The security and privacy ramifications are substantial if this vision comes to pass. • November 18, 2017 PM Here is a discussion between Anders, Clive, and 65535 about the use of Win2K pro or Win2K server as an alternative to Intel's new chips including skylake and newer intel processors which seem to have a relatively big back door via a successful proof of concept USB-JTAG hack associate with scamming Intel's ME/AMT out of band system. The question about Win2K feasibility is fairly well hashed out but some question remain [from the previous squid thread].The attack works by exploiting the JTAG debugging ports built into the computer. ) Imagine all kinds of mickey mouse obscurity magic packet crap is enabled by default? So unless you're routing all your packets through some cloud analysis service that knows about that particular malware traffic pattern, you're going to see bupkis by default.Many devices including the IME and USB are connected to these ports, but they are supposed to be segmented. And they're not going to know about it until they finally do - maybe months? And even if they/you do spot it, there's no strong guarantee you can clear it out without RMA'ing your hardware. • November 19, 2017 AM Brave Browser has rolled out the next phase of its platform by allowing users to donate directly to You Tube stars anonymously and securely using Bitcoin: https:// This is just one part of Brave’s ambitious plan to change the paradigm of how the web is monetized (while als protecting user privacy).It is a fair big hole in the ME part of Intel's chips.

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Somewhere I read that agents are assigned to partner with Facebook content monitors to help them resolve edge cases of prohibited speech & imagery, but the citation eludes me. With Fat Leonard scandal taking down 440 navy including 60 admirals, apparently the military leaks like a sieve these days.

The researchers have discovered a way to get past these barriers and execute their code from a USB stick....[Yet] For now this is just a proof of concept that only affects Skylake (2015) and newer platforms." -Techspot https:// November 18, 2017 PM What about remote exploit of default IME configurations in the wild? • November 19, 2017 AM Yeah so, by now you've all seen the glowing reviews about the new firefox right? https://meduza.io/en/news/2017/11/17/someone-apparently-robbed-russia-s-federal-security-service? utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=share_twitter&utm_campaign=share • November 19, 2017 AM Is this another case of 'your stuff was, as always, provided by the lowest bidder'?

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