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25-Jun-2019 17:55

The HOOK-4 unit from Lowrance isn’t much different from the Elite-4 CHIRP unit.However, since the HOOK units are brand new, released for 2016, the Lowrance HOOK-4 still may be a better alternative to the Elite version, as the internal components are probably of the newest generation.The Flasher mode can also be viewed in split screen with the 2D sonar view. Down Scan imaging is great for observing and understanding structure.

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With the supplied transducer, the fish finder unit can penetrate depths up to 1,000 ft (305 m) in 2D, and 300 ft (91 m) in Down Scan.

This function can save you a lot of trouble, as you may not need to turn the boat around, in order to have another look at a certain spot.

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