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29-Jul-2019 22:29

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the prettiest, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m on top, and when I hear ‘Bodak Yellow’ again, I’m like, ‘Yeah! Sam Sifton mentioned the song in his New York “What to Cook This Week” newsletter.Atlantic Records threw her a party in its midtown offices.

Guests were encouraged to make it rain with stacks of Bardi Bucks, on which her tongue-wagging profile replaces George Washington’s.Cardi bought herself a 0,000 burnt-orange Bentley SUV, even though she doesn’t drive, because it’s what rappers should have.She bought herself a Patek Philippe watch, too, but somewhere on the road from a party-hosting gig in Philly, it went missing. With a yeast infection.” Cardi’s father, cousin, publicists, managers, and assorted glam-squad members are all squeezed together in the dressing room, amid a jumble of castoff clothes, i Phone chargers, and cold Jamaican beef patties from Golden Krust around the corner.Before her were Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, forgotten groups like HWA (Hoez With Attitude).

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All share an insistence on demanding, over hard-rap tracks, what their male counterparts demand — money, power, respect, quality oral sex — from the female point of view, in the face of criticisms of everything from their overt sexuality and their weaves to their perceived lack of talent.

Or, in Cardi’s own words: “It makes you feel like a bad bitch. 1 spot — two weeks before she won five of the nine BET awards she was nominated for, including Hustler of the Year — everyone wanted a piece of the Cardi moment.