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Tell me, how would you each get my attention, and what would your pick up line be? " [Violent J] Okay, first I'd slide up to the bar And tell you that I can't believe how fucking fat you are I'd tell that I like the way you make your titties shake And if you lost a little weight, you'd look like Rickie Lake! [Shaggy 2 Dope] Fuck that, you'd be jocking me quick I'd order you a drink and stir it with my dick And then to get your attention in the crowded place I'd simply walk up and stick my nuts in your face [Violent J] Yeah, freak with your nuts, yo, that'll get her Tell her that's she fat, yeah, that'll work even better Look, fuck you, I got a strong rap Shit, you don't want contestant number two He's mad-whack [Violent J] I walk into a bar and there he was Standing up by a bucket, eww, trying to fuck it It was a big fucking smelly, ass farm llama Damn dawg!

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However, all of the publicity helped expand the group's cult following to the point where their next album, the 1999 concept record The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, debuted in the Top Five.It may have been loosed on the world on April 1st, but nothing about it appears to be in jest.