Indian girl died in singapore for dating

26-Aug-2019 08:09

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"The mother was oblivious to who was coming or going." Official statistics reveal that Delhi is India's 'rape capital' with 414 rapes in 2010 and more than 600 this year alone.

Onely one in three reported cases end in conviction but campaigners believe victims are so afraid of the police – many officers believe victims are to blame – that only one in 50 rapes are registered.

Police said Received a call at pm,went to the scene and found a 12-year-old girl lying on the grass, unconscious The The girl was killed on the spot.

The audience told the "8 Channel News", she heard the neighbors said the deceased was wearing uniforms in death.

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At the time of the incident, the father of the deceased was at home, but did not know that the daughter had fallen to death until the police informed him.

A fortnight ago, 23 year old 'Nirbaya' was the apple of her parents' eyes.

She had recently qualified as a physiotherapist, was working as an intern in a Delhi hospital, and served as a role model to her two younger brothers.

After they both fell unconscious they were thrown out of the bus on a flyover and left for dead.

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The driver of the bus is among those who have been arrested in connection with the crime.Civil Defense Force also said that at today (3) at pm received a notice, immediately sent a fire motorbike and an ambulance to the scene.

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