Integral dating

14-Mar-2019 15:36

Although historically younger sons and their wives eventually split from their extended families after a few years of marriage, they lived nearby, socially dependent on their grandfathers, fathers and elder brothers.

Eldest sons succeeded to the family leadership and inherited the bulk of the wealth.

Intense emotion denotes powerful interpersonal commitment. * Though Koreans thought blood relationships natural and ideal starting points for good relationships outside the family, they never assumed that happy family life emerged spontaneously.

Harmony and smooth flow of affection were seen as the result of proper patriarchal regulation of women and children.

They did not leave their extended families because they were responsible for their aged parents.

When their parents died, eldest sons adhered to complex mourning restrictions for one to three years, and conducted annual memorial ceremonies for their parents and other members of their family line.

By the time a child reached six or seven,however, training began in earnest: parents began the strict separation of girls and boys, in accordance with Confucian ethics, and they trained children to use the respectful voice to those older or more socially prominent.

As bone endures longer than flesh,kinship through males was thought more binding than through females.

Even today men pass on membership in their clan to their children,while women do not.

By the time he reached seven a boy knew that he must use the respectful mode of speech to his older brother, and he knew that failure to do so would result in swift and certain punishment.

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Boys from most families were taught to read and write the native Korean alphabet (Han'gul), and in many families, to read and write classical Chinese as well.We American parents do not want to cling to our children.

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