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Rao found himself the first in his family to ever step outside India to study and was enrolled in the economics program at the University of Windsor, in 2001.But getting a Canadian education proved far from useful in getting a job afterward.Once we sell our home, our leaving Canada will mean a net loss of close to 0,000 per year to the Canadian economy without counting any multiplier effects,” he says.Duty calls A college strike proved to be fateful for Indian-born Praveen Rao who moved to Canada for a better education.In Switzerland I was being paid about 0 an hour, and in Canada I started at an hour.It is not about the amount, but a huge blow to one’s self-confidence,” he says. But Burckhardt did not give up and applied everywhere for a better position with better wages.

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Mir, who studied in the United States and landed a plum position with one of the top financial management firms in the world, Merrill Lynch, was thrilled when he first applied for Canadian immigration, and it came through in six months. “I was sure that with my education and work experience I would have no trouble finding a job,” he says.

I like the social life in Canada; the people are good and tolerant.