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21-Jun-2019 01:10

I purchased a ten-pack of prefold premium 6-ply cloth diapers with absorbent padding from Target, and some cotton fat quarters from Jo-Ann’s. I used a cereal box to create a template that was 4 and 3/4″ wide x 17″ long.

Here’s a nifty trick I learned from Diary of a Quilter when she created her own burp cloths.

last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever bladestorming and need to cancel it to pummel your current target, this macro allows you to do so without having to first manually cancel your bladestorm and then use your pummel.

Using this macro will allow you to instantly do any of these things.After flipping my cloth back to the front, I used the ever-so-faint center line on my presser foot to line up the right edge of the fabric. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can knock out a bunch more once you find your groove.You really want to get pretty close to the edge on this part, pulling out pins as you go. As I always say, if babies are going to spit up, they might as well spit up in style. Now, I can pair a few of these puppies together with a rhinestone onesie for our friends, Adele and Tavie, expecting a baby girl this July. Pink Vying for the attention of a young female demographic? Use yellow to command your audience’s attention, and let them know you’re confident in your abilities.5. It is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling.

Second, it denotes health, environment and goodwill.

Then, this is probably the trickiest part of the whole shebang, and it’s not that tricky really.