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Churchill wrote in detail of what he saw en route through the Cape Colony, the Transvaal, Bechuanaland and Mashonaland. Their supplies and personal belongings had been abandoned by their porters en route, and their entire equipment consisted of "two or three iron spoons, two tin mugs, a couple of pots of Liebig's extract of meat and a packet of Maizena". Charles Edward Finlason, known affectionately as "Fin", was a delightful personality who made his name as a journalist and cricketer in South Africa in the 1880s and 1890s.

Accompanied by a large entourage, including an eminent American mining engineer, he spent several months in Mashonaland, and he has given posterity a highly informative chronicle embellished with delightful illustrations and a frank (and at the time unpopular) assessment of Cecil Rhodes's most ambitious colonial venture. This volume reveals the story of their enterprise in the face of extreme privation and intimidating natural hazards. Born in England, he emigrated to Kimberley when a young man, played for Kimberley Pirates' Cricket Club and, in 1889, represented South Africa against Major Warton's English team at Port Elizabeth.

This set is described in a separate Catalogue (web page presently under construction).

THOMAS BAINES ranked only just below Livingstone, Stanley and Park in the hierarchy of Victorian explorers in Africa.

The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: each deals with a specific subject - exploration, transport, war, politics, archaeology, hunting and so forth - and, when the pieces are fitted together, they form a comprehensive and fascinating picture of Rhodesia's (now Zimbabwe) past.Thereafter he undertook several arduous journeys north, through what later (in the 1890s) became Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), to the Zambesi river, joined Livingstone's Zambesi Expedition and, in 1862, visited the Victoria Falls by way of South West Africa. ISBNs 0 86920 000 3 (standard) and 0 86920 0011 (de luxe).In 1868 he was engaged by a British commercial firm to investigate the newly-discovered gold fields of Tati and "Matabililand" north of the Limpopo. A VIVID firsthand account of the Matabele nation's rebellion against Cecil Rhodes's settlers in 1895, three years after the founding of modern Bulawayo.Henry Cullen Couldsbury entered the service of the British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia in 1902, and was transferred to Northern Rhodesia, where he was promoted to Native Commissioner, in 1910.

He died during the First World War while acting as liaison officer between the Belgian and British military forces in Uganda. Gouldsbury was a successful novelist (Reprint of 1932 anthology, with new material inc.

It is a tale of outstanding courage and initiative, an impressive chapter in the history of nursing in Southern Africa. A year after Rhodes's Pioneers had crossed the Limpopo river to occupy Mashonaland, he journeyed to Salisbury by ox-drawn cart, and wrote of his experiences with both humour and an endearing modesty. extracts from contemporary press notices, and Frontispiece of author; full-colour dust jacket; new Publishers' Intro.

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