Is haley williams dating anyone

12-Mar-2019 12:53

The woman who gossips about everyone else's life for a living is now making headlines of her own,' the source explained.Martinez claimed they once got into a physical fight after Williams (pictured in 1995) declared that Q-Tip, who Martinez was dating at the time, was gay.Williams kept saying to her team: 'I can't believe that b**** is getting a show with them. 'Those close to Williams believe her over the top response to Martinez getting a talk show pilot was her releasing her frustration with everything else going on in her life.'No one is sure whether she already knew of Kevin's affair or was shocked by the news.

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TV talk show host Wendy Williams is not 'not the same person' since her husband Kevin Hunter was exposed for having a long-term affair with a younger woman, sources exclusively told Daily

And now she's fuming over the fact that her old radio nemesis Angie Martinez (right) would be working with her talk show's company on a new pilot According to a well-placed source, Williams and Hunter, who is also her manager, were taken to lunch by executives from her production company Debmar-Mercury, who revealed they were partnering with Martinez on a new daytime show.

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