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13-Aug-2019 11:39

After then the interview she was signed and dealing the agreement, continuously hosting the show for three years later she became the face of Current TV.

Her writing, hosting skills lead her in the field of producing system, generated sections in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico including shows based on journalism element, lane of hazardous jungle and later she produced the sections premiered in HBO named Sex and the City stylizing her manager Patrica.

An enthusiastic recitalist later focused on the Fashion Institute of Technology from where she expanded her acquaintance of subjects like exhibit design and multi-media study.

A passionate designer Jael assisted the prominence fashion designer Particia Field in her extra time and after spending the work time with her in downtown store, Particia inscribed a letter of reference when Jael choose to admit in acting school located at Los Angeles after completing her college course, following acting career.

her study line established herself getting chance to learn the acting with some of the top experts in the field of acting embracing Susan Batson, Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti.

She was only four year old when she joined this field.

But rumors exist that she is dating Ben Hansen, however, the rumor is not yet confirmed as Pardo refused to talk about it.