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Power handling was always a touchy subject and I just basically guessed at what I thought it could handle, based on normal playing.

It was a little tricky since we were dealing with rock, country, jazz, and blues players and the power handling figures were just suggestions, regardless of how official the spec sheet looked.

That’s why I suggested the D130F (which was a redesigned D130), made expressly for musical instrument amps, as were the D110F (a totally new design), the D120F (a redesign of the D131), and the D140F (a new design using existing parts).

Power specifications for the F series were nominally 35 to about 60 Watts. Pretty simple, I played guitar and bass through them and kept increasing the power till they blew.

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Using parts from the D130A and D150 woofers, I created a new woofer desinged for bass guitar applications called the D140F. Using the magnet assembly from the D123 and the basket from an LE-10, I added the D110F to complete the line of musical instrument speakers. JBL had developed a high viscosity coating to add to the existing hifi line of speakers that reduced ringing. The hifi speaker surrounds dried out when exposed to excessive sunlight and heat, and I reasoned the viscose coating (we called it “goop” back then) would help prevent that. Bill’s probably refering to the D130A which was simply a standard JBL woofer at the time – all the woofers had copper voice coils.This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on.