Jewish online dating for seniors

01-Jul-2019 01:29

You are part of a growing number of midlifers who, because of divorce or death, find themselves back in the singles scene.Too old for Club Med and too young for the brown-bag bus trip, singles of a certain age have long fallen into a social black hole. In addition to well-established organizations with long histories of bringing people together, new groups are cropping up everywhere aiming to help mature singles regain a social life, expand intellectual horizons and enhance their sense of self.You can fill your mailbox with newsletters, fill your calendar with appointments and make new friends.But if you're looking to change your marital status, well…the news may not be quite so good.While some of these groups are general and purely activity-oriented, others focus on the changes that come with suddenly being single after years in a relationship.No groups actually hold themselves out as matchmakers (and who would believe them if they did?And some family and friends will discourage you and say that you’ll never understand the new world of dating since you’re not computer savvy.

There also are discussion groups that focus on developing a new life as a single person.Without any outreach from temples and other Jewish organizations, Ploscowe started Mid-Peninsula Jewish Singles 35 .As Ploscowe aged, so did the group, although today both are holding firm at 49.After the mourning period, she started looking for groups of other singles around her own age. Groups were directed at either younger people or an older crowd.

So she put the word out and formed Jewish East Bay Singles 50 . "The people who come are very interesting and active," Makower reports.

Groups usually draw more women than men, so Ploscowe agrees with women who say they find it more difficult to meet men in groups than the reverse.