Katy perry dating benji madden

17-Aug-2019 09:04

Following her divorce from Jordan Bratman, it's safe to say that Christina Aguilera is the most sought after new bachelorette in Hollywood.

And it sounds like she's taking full advantage of that status!

One observer stated they sensed “some chemistry there.” Benji Madden, in town to DJ, even danced for Perry during several songs, but most of the time they say talking and touching. ” But this was before her “I Kissed a Girl” song played. Katy is way cuter than Paris Hilton and seems she’d make a good match for Benji.

At one point a fairly intoxicated Katy Perry got up on stage to say, “Happy Vagina Day…

First there was the guy from Gym Class Heroes, and then there was Russell Brand, then John Mayer, and now she’s gone on a date with Riff Raff.

This just in: Katy Perry's ugly is not bumping the ugly of Benji Madden.Katy Perry performed a Valentine’s show at Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space and then headed to Lavo.That is where Katy Perry, 24, and Benji Madden, 29, were spotted flirting it up. I know all too well about having viscious rumors spread about you. I’ll have you know, I’m not dating her, I’m only sleeping with her.

When you’re 42 and the last time anyone though you were hot was also the last time anyone thought Jim Carrey was funny, marrying Benji Madden might not seem like you just made the exact same momentous life decision as Nicole Richie, but that’s exactly what happened here. More » They say when one love dies, Kris Jenner’s wings grow three times in size another wells up to replace it. He arrived with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie who ignored Paris, but Benji went over and the two reportedly slipped off to a private corner, according to E! More » Paris Hilton is in no rush to replace Benji Madden.

Despite being seated next to Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend at Las Vegas' Lavo nightclub this weekend, and despite reports that said there was "chemistry" between the pair, Perry has taken to her blog in denial of any hook-up.