Lenght of dating before marrige

10-Apr-2019 09:47

College-educated women’s chances of marrying are better than less well-educated women.

However, the growing gender gap in college education may make it more difficult for college women to find similarly well-educated men in the future.

Married people also receive more money from family members than the unmarried (including cohabiting couples), probably because families consider marriage more permanent and binding than a cohabiting union. People who are married are more likely to have emotionally and physically satisfying sex lives than single people or those who live together.

Contrary to the popular belief that married sex is boring and infrequent, married people report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than sexually active singles and cohabiting couples, according to the most comprehensive and recent survey of sexuality.

Predictions of lifelong singlehood for college-educated women have proven false.

Although the first generation of college-educated women (those who earned baccalaureate degrees in the 1920s) married less frequently than their less well-educated peers, the reverse is true today.

When formulating a financial settlement on divorce, the court will consider many factors.

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According to one study the divorce risk nearly triples if one marries someone who also comes from a home where the parents divorced.How long is too long to wait for a serious commitment, if you know you’re ready for a ring?