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For standard games, the teams usually alternate banning maps until only one remains.

In best-of-3 or best-of-5 matches, teams are allowed to ban respectively 2 and 1 map each, with the games being played on the remaining maps.

Here's how they go: "), a pocket (usually Soldier), a roamer (usually a Soldier as well), and two utilities (both usually Scouts).

They are pitted against each other on maps handpicked by the league of their choice, usually on a 5 control points map like Badlands or Gullywash.

Depending on the tournament rules, teams pick their first side based on seeding, result of a knife-only round played before match, or flipping a coin.

Some weapons are considered situational, such as SMGs or shotguns for increased money reward per kill (especially when the enemy has no money to buy armor), and armor-piercing pistols in "eco" rounds.

Whoever gets all 5 control points gets a score and the team with the most score by the end of the time limit is the winner. In the beginning of the match, the middle point, AKA the "mid", have to be captured and the team who arrives there first has the advantage, so naturally teams want to arrive there first using various methods for their "rollout".

While Scouts and Medic are straightforward enough (just run up to the point), Soldiers (more so for the roamer than the pocket as the latter needs to stay with the Medic) and Demomen used both mechanical skills of rocket- and sticky-jumping respectively and map knowledge to arrive to mid quickly.

Receiving more attention from his Medic than anyone else, his job is to get to the point and protect his Medic.

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The pocket is usually Soldier for his damage output, flexibility, and mobility, though if there is need for more defense and less need for mobility, he may off-class to a Heavy.Sometimes, a team's sniper will use the automatic sniper rifles (SCAR and GSG) instead of the AWP.

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