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And out come the music snobs to berate me for liking Television more than the Velvet Underground.

Fun Fact: I don't regularly listen to any music recorded before 1989. Thank you in advance for suggesting [insert name of pre-1989 band here] but there is too much stuff being released NOW for me to keep up with.

I'm guessing the end result isn't too aesthetically pleasing. Around the mark she denies a handful of the colonel's secret recipe. If that's her idea of cutting back on carbs, I'd love to know how she celebrates Thanksgiving. Grab some industrial-strength sling hooks and drop-ship her ass into southern California. [ FULL SCENE ] If the 1980's taught me something, it's that ANYthing goes as long as there's a killer soundtrack behind you. Not even the renaissance of crack cocaine will be held liable for this shit.

An hour of this is how things end up on the Arby's value menu. But the real question is: How many 2-for-1 Golden Corral coupons does it take to make this transaction possible? Arnost and his 1 inch mosquito bite take a nosedive into humiliation whilst trying to perform in front of a live studio audience.

Trotter Inside of my right palm, the mark of the stigmata Big Poppa, wig chopper, emperor Jaffe Joffer, mufucka' I'm stronger than the coffee out in Kafa All y'all niggas vagina hop, remind me of Icona Pop I step in the booth, I'm a bull inside a China shop, mollywhoppin' Watch another cotton pickin' body drop Every time we rock, yo, they acting like it's Mardi Gras 'Til the party stop, skirt off like she that Ferrari drop Soul Cycle pumping that Earth, Wind and Fire ba-di-ah Coolin' 'pon the dock, à la marina, hard body yacht You seen another rapper cleaner, mami?

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Well, I'll be that exception to the rule The principal that hand-deliver lessons to the school I was making major moves, my dollar déjà vu My mission was my ambition was brandishing a tool To be a' icon, wearing slippers made of python Get mine quicker 'cause I'm slick as a pipeline Transportin' the oil, tribulation and toil Hit the operation, but I'm back in the soil Got my crown tilted, my gown quilted, silk with cashmere Burning Rome down in a minute, built it last year Newsflash, I dodged the bullet that killed the cashier My homie told me to come with him to the masjid Them brothers said, "Don't go from written bars filled with rage To primetime television and your gilded cage Then forget it's people in the world still enslaved" I barbwired my wrist, and let it fill the page Gun fire n' flares, sirens glare I'm in a iron chair where people who care Don't get the lion's share When I don't give a fuck, then I ain't fair I'm on a higher tier with people gettin' money like the financier Cash the herald I'm fresh chopped and beveled Rap on a doctorate level, so F. pre-accident Maybe, my acumen's on par with Kool G.but guess what yer gettin' older now and its cold when your lonely and Nathan's growing up so quick, he's gonna know that your phony and Hallie's getting so big now, you just see her she's beautiful but you'll never see her, she wont even be at your funeral see bitch, do ya song, keep tellin' yourself that you was a mom but how dare you try to take what you didn't help me to get you selfish bitch i hope you fuckin burn in hell for this shit remember when Ronnie died and you said you'd wish it was me?