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Pretty obvious that she was going to go sleep at his place right! If you still arn't sure do what I always do and be honest, ask her straight out if she is into you and wants a relationship (no matter how you want that relationship to be), in most cases you've cornered her and you'll get a straight answer.If the answer is in a very round about way NO then just get it, she's not that into you!On reaching the two unfortunate slaves restrained helplessly and painfully, she looks them from head to toe in utter disdain and smiled cruelly, then walks to the left side table clicking sharp heels of her elegent slippers on marble floor which frightens the two even more, she picks a scalpel and walks back to first slave and without any hesitation she made several deep slits on poor slaves arms, chest, belly and thighs now he was all drenched in his own blood which even starts to drip on marble floor and slave was sqirming, writhing and screaming in pain seeing that lady hina starts to laugh cruelly then she orders a attending slave to release chain restraining subject slaves right hand which he submits immediately then she holds the fingers of slaves just released hand and starts to insert scalpel below nails to separate them from flesh upto the root blood starts to flow freely with acute pain which makes slave squirm and scream more, she again walks to the table to pick a nose plier and starts pulling out slaves nails she has just seperated from flesh one by one slowly and cruelly throwing them on floor all drenched in blood now slave has passed out due to unbearable pain and heavy blood loss only his senseless body is jerking every time she twist n turn or pull the nails this inhuman act of extreme cruelity only enhanced lady hinas cruel and sadastic appetite instead of satiating it so she clutches the fingre one by one with plier and twist it up cruelly to break it with a loud bone craking sound which made her all wet, hot and horny and she turns around to face her admirer and calls him there with a cute smile on her beautful face as he reaches her walking on slave carpet she asked for a little help to pick a very big and heavy looking hammer from table as he picks it up she points at the toe thumb of second slaves only feet resting on floor with her french manicured finger and said cruelly 'hit it as hard as possible' he immediately rised the hammer as high as he could and banged on slaves toe thumb full force and a lot of blood and pulped flesh splashes around on floor with a thud sends slave jerk heavily and painfully screams before passing out 'excellent' exclaims lady hina giggling on seeing slaves badly mangled and mutilated toe thumb then she orders attanding slave to clean all bloody mess from floor and they walks back stepping on slaves carpet to take a break and settles comfortably on leather sofa, she then looks her admirer who was also turned on as she clearly see a bulge on his pant and they were served champagne and snaks immediately, she smiles and asks softly while relishing spicy barbque chicken and sipping champagne 'did you enjoyed that sweetheart' 'yes sweetheart i really enjoyed you look so stunningly beautiful and ..............while torturing that lowly slave i have never thought it would be so much fun and pleasure watching this' replied her admirer 'i am glad you liked it but beautiful and what ?Knowing if a Thai girl is into you is easier if you go out on a first date alone with a thai girl.Once your on the date depending on the type of girl she is she may touch you a lot, either on the hand shoulder or otherwise, if you find your Thai girl touching you when you talk chances are she is into you.

Jenna had been browsing for hours now typing random things in to google.Jenna got home at three from an uneventful day at school.She was so tired that she went strait to her room and fell a sleep.She browsed the site for nearly two hours and found that the site had many things on it 1) dare arias 2) stories about dare and sex but what she was most interested in was the slave master aria.

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She then decided to do some research on the subject of being a slave and she soon found out that she liked the idea of being a slave but it was already and she was tired so she bookmarked the site and went to bed thinking about if she wanted to be a slave.She then set up an add that was as follows She logged on to her yahoo account and went to add a contact.