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Maron gets emotional near the end of the interview, his voice breaking, as he talks about his intention to continue being a friend to CK. He did some gross s***, some damaging s***, and people are like, how are you gonna be friends with that guy? Now he f***** up and he's in big f****** trouble, so, well, what am I gonna do? I can learn from it, he can learn from it, I hope,' Maron said. There was no way to justify it, and there's no way to defend it, there's no way to apologize for him about it, there's no way to let him off the hook.

But there's a lot of concern about, you know, who knew what when. Everybody knew this, everybody knew that, everybody was in on it.

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I didn't know their names until Friday, so I believe my friend,' he said.He says he asked CK if the rumor had any merit and his friend told him it was a complete fabrication.