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That she told all her friends, started to see her mom more, really stunned me, how quick she had moved on, but I did the same, all ready planning my suden lack of any responsibilities.To be able to bring anyone back to my house, when ever would be nice, so this time was not stressed at all, as I was a fast healer, did love her, knew she would be all right, she would either return, or become her mother, oh well, it was out of my hands, I refused to worry about shit I couldnt control, decided to let her have fun her last months home, letting her have friends sleep over several nights a week, this is where things take a turn, as they say The first few times I met Jill, she left no real impression, no first round knockout.All this in defense of what occured toward the end of my daughters ninth year of high school.It was just getting springlike, that feeling of surviving another hard winter propelling you, energy soaring, happy to be alive, everything kosher, I was content.Being the adult, right, I laid on them the get along with each other or get along home, I still had it, my daughter knew when I was there, no more shit, they all agreed to tone it down, decided to watch a movie, I went and got snacks, please feed the animals.

Her sucking was sloppy, wet, enthusiastic, trifecta, her tongue so soft and heated, her eyes looking up at me, so loving, devoted, jesus, I could cum soon, had to slow down, made myself listen for the others, noisy singing upstairs, wondered if all the kids came in the laundry room could I take my cock out of this angels mouth,mmmm.

We did hit it off, but again, I was not thinking pussy, more that she was doing a pretty good job of hiding her intelligence with her wise guy act, that she was missing something, Jill was good looking as I started to notice her, realise that she would sit real close to me, where as most of my kids other friends viewed me with much trepidation, I was rough looking for sure, Jill had a desire to talk to me, I was flattered, but not vain enough to think it was me, so I pushed her to open up.

While my daughter and her other bffs goofed off upstairs, Jill would talk to me,sometimes over tea, like adults, hmmm, discussing this and that, serious shit, finding out her father was a disabilty cheat, stayed home and hid, also liked to paw Jill, fuck that asshole.

We spent scant time kissing, grabbing, giggling, lamenting, her flesh so hot to the touch, her parting actually hurting my heart, the void of not having that joy beside me, a dark, stark life.

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Slept like a log, finally accepting that she was mine, my cock would part those superb lips in hours, that was enough, all the drama wore me down, daughter leaving, Jills coming into my life.No I wrestled with it, but never considered stopping it, only how to manage it, so I guess I wanted it to happen, still felt like maybe I misread her intent, no I didnt, she was going to push me, she knew it wouldnt be a big push, we both knew what that fucking kiss implied, of that Im sure.