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Paul Bodoni Derksen was born in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a village along the river south of Amsterdam.

He attended the Rietveld Academy of Art and Design from 1970 until 1974, and his life-work has been drawing the ' Epic of Gilgamesh' since he was sixteen.

The sources and footnotes from our articles are well-referenced and provided in live links for the PDF. Read news and articles from a truly Catholic perspective: Benedict retires, Francis elected, Novus Ordo (i.e. Michael Oswalt, John Lane, Griff Ruby, Mario Derksen, Science writer Hugh Miller, David Goldstein, CJ Strain, and more.

new order) the two-headed religious body (that is, two popes), marriage, priesthood, abortion, the Rosary, Saints, Ask Father Athanasius, and features including churches built centuries before there were Protestants. Read six of the last articles of our dear writer Robert Valente (RIP). Michael Oswalt talks about little things God uses to bring us to the truth.

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NOVEMBER 2013 For your assurance, this issue and previous issues go through a clerical review. Or do they accept a hierarchy in with the Church of all times?

The present SSPX clearly distances itself from the Archbishop more and more. Kellys book against the Thuc-line The Four Marks interview with Mario Derksen Also on front page are Edmund Sheridans News Bullets, an update Vatican coup takes Benedictine Abbey and the encyclical of Pope Pius XII. Athanasius is introducedwe welcome your emails and letters. Papal Primacy is the topic from Tumultuous Times, abridged for The Four Marks. Brendan Hughes, CMRI continues with, Trent: The Catholic Counter Reformation. Clare Kolewski tells those complainers from Catholic schools to get over it.

The Fifth Lateran Council is the chapter abridged from Tumultuous Times by the Frs. Staff writer Christian Di Salvo touches an oft avoided issue: To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise THAT is the Question. Michael Oswalt takes on the Mafia in his always pithy insights. Science writer Hugh Miller gives advice on discussing evolution on blogs and in letters to newspaper editors.

, Ezelsoor, De Vrije Balloen/De Balloen, de Kraakkrant, Gezellig en Leuk, Leesblad de Mensch, and newspaper Het Parool.

His children's comics for Jippo were collected in books like ' Het verhaal van het verhaal en andere verhalen' (1984) and ' Het scheepsverhaal van de Eureka' (1985) by Espee (Ger van Wulften).Stephen Heiner reflects on a Christmas season now past great considerations!