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This isn't your childhood "slice of cold bologna and Kraft singles slapped between two pieces of Wonder bread" lunch box sandwich (if you can even call that a sandwich).

You're not gonna want to trade this far-from-basic, cheesy, meaty, salty deliciousness piled high on the softest buns for anything -- not even for your friend's insanely good burger.

“We can do this because we’re owned by members not shareholders and can invest long-term in what matters to communities, not what provides the fastest shareholder return.

I call on other retailers and food providers to do more to help our farmers, particularly as they head towards uncertain times.” The move was welcomed by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

This family-owned sandwich shop puts its own spin on traditional cemitas hailing from Puebla, Mexico, and the Cemita Atomica is our top pick (mostly because it throws in a little bit of everything).

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It's topped with a truffle mustard balsamic vinaigrette, hot oil, marinated artichokes, fresh basil, and lettuce mixed with red wine vinegar and oregano for an off-the-charts sub experience.In the British Food report, Professor Benton said that in light of global uncertainties, it makes “increasing sense” to build up a stronger local food sector in the UK.The report also warns that volatile weather conditions due to climate change, combined with political events such as Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump, may affect global trading relationships and compromise the food supply.When you stack their fluffy, buttery goodness with ginger-sage sausage, sawmill gravy, seasonal jam, and a poached egg, you've got a crazy-flavorsome combo.

With a second location in Ravenswood in the works, getting your hands on the notorious pie shop's savory biscuit sandwiches (and, oh yeah, those heavenly pies) just got easier for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.Even the slices of sesame-topped egg bread are specially spread with smoky chipotle salsa beforehand.