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Wildlife protection efforts in Kenya have historically consisted of staking out and fencing off land exclusively for animals — and the people who pay to see them — in the hopes of keeping these regions unmarred by human development.

But this also meant that the people who had originally lived there were forced off of their land, and into smaller surrounding regions.

Living with big game, Kasaine says, forces you to develop a fine-tuned radar of where animals have been and where they might be going.

During his 12-kilometer walks to and from school, he learned how to distinguish the paw print of a lion from that of a leopard.

Soft-spoken and serious, Kasaine pauses to take note of a small tree stripped of its bark by a hungry elephant.

The calmness of his gait makes it easy to forget that he’s in pursuit of one of the most dangerous — and endangered — predators in the world.

But Kasaine likely didn’t know that, years later, he would be tracking lions specifically to encounter them – and to protect them.

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But because the Selenkay Conservancy is situated right outside of Amboseli, Kenya’s second-most popular national park, it’s also shared with larger, four-legged neighbors like Marti.showing that many of the nation’s most treasured species — including giraffe, wildebeest, and Grevy’s zebra — have fallen to less than one-third of their population count from just 40 years ago. In 1998, the nation was home to over 15,000; only an estimated 2,000 remain today.Several experts have predicted they could vanish entirely from the country in the next two decades.Park fees, lodging, and safari services rake in millions of dollars annually.

The tourism industry accounts for over 12 percent of Kenya’s GDP and employs more than 300,000 people.The lions descended upon the goats, devouring eight in total, leaving only the mangled carcasses behind for the herdsmen to discover.