Melissa francis dating

25-Jun-2019 06:05

She said that the decision to buy a condo in Manhattan was because their sons were going to school which was near from that place. Thompson Thorn is born in 2007 and Greyson Alexander Thorn born in 2012.

Their sons are now big enough to go to school, and their parents have bought a house near to their school which helps them.

Money is not the problem here as Melissa and Wray, both are earning big bucks, and it shall help them taking care of their family.

Melissa's journey from a child star to a journalist is nothing short of sheer hard work and passion.

She was never into dating as she was very much focused on building her career but when the time came, she married that one person who she thought would be the best for her. Melissa tied the knot to Wray in 1997, and the pair has been with each other ever since.

They looked great together, and Melissa said that she decided to marry Wray because he said that her feet is not ugly, it's a joke of course, but it seems that Melissa wanted to marry him as he always makes her laugh.

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The couple is trying to give their children the best type of care they can provide.But her sister Tiffany is also a commercial actress.

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