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There are situations wherein working with a debt expert will be more beneficial than trying to work things out on your own. This is practically the same as a debt consolidation loan – except that it can be used for something else.While you will be focusing on the debts that you can consolidate, make sure that you continue paying for the others.Here are the 10 steps that you should follow as you consolidate your multiple bills.If you need a lower monthly payment, this is what the DMP will give you.A home equity loan is a lump sum loan with a fixed interest rate, while a line of credit works like a credit card with a variable interest rate.If you are wondering if you can consolidate your bills – yes you can.Since both types of loans are secured by your house, you could lose it if you don’t keep up with payments.

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Remember, this does not include other bills and debt, such as medical debt.

One benefit is that this loan won’t show up on your credit report.