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Since then, Omaha Love has been responsible for hundreds of relationships and marriages, and has been named the Best Dating Service by Omaha Magazine in 20.Courtney found herself in the professional dating industry when she was 23 years old, and shortly started Omaha Love after falling in love with helping people fall in love.Omaha Love has even had speed dating sessions.-Courtney Hawkins Dating has changed over the years.Men and women are more equal today, and many of them go dutch, which they didn't do years ago. People are looking for others they will enjoy spending time with, and they don't always have to be the same age. My job really doesn't seem like work," She responds. Hawkins tells her clients, in order to find true love, you have to be compatible, and it's a process.Cougars (older women dating younger men) are more acceptable now. But dating services are just for desperate people, right? While that may have been the misconception years ago, more people are looking to dating services to meet new people. You can't always figure out compatibility on the first date. A big problem with people who are single is that they are not exposed to the kind of people they need to meet."Most of my clients are good catches; they are just busy people that don't have time to find someone on their own. The services at Omaha Love are affordable, and they have different plans for different people. Hawkins says that most of her clients are looking to meet new people for a long-term, monogamous relationship. Buffalove Development focuses on buying and renovating vacant or underused properties in Buffalo, New York.

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Hawkins says that many of her clients were disappointed with those big companies.

After talking to someone online, when they met the person they realized the person had posted a picture that was over ten years old. The counselors at Omaha Love help clients fill out their profile and take pictures for them.

“I wish I could find something like that.” In time.

With each ring of the bell, the room buzzed anew: “When you love what you do you never really have to go to work,” said orthopaedic surgeon Curtis Hartman, M. “I don’t mind going to work.” Wow, thought Spencer Gallner, a second-year medical student.

She had wanted to go into celebrity reporting, but didn't want to move away.