Michael baisden dating

30-May-2019 16:34

His quotes are truly great and preferred by a million fans. If you are not getting through to the Michael Baisden (Bad Boy of Radio), it is probably because YOU PEOPLE are calling the WRONG number!!!!Conceived on July 26, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, U.

The black woman seems to have forgotten that all while gaining independece and progression they left behind one entity needed most..

I do have to admit, answering these calls does get annoying.

Especially when peoples radio is blaring and they cannot even hear that they have reached a wrong number.

That being physical, spiritual, emotional, cognition, and political views.

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Everyone seems to want steak and potatoes but only come to the table w/ a fork and appetite. No real grown ass man wanna have to raise his wife just as no grown ass woman want to raise her man.

Some people do not even give you a chance to let them know that they have reached a wrong number.