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From the unmade bed behind them, with its randomly scattered pillows and crumpled sheets and duvet, it appears the couple has just got up and is pondering whether they should stay up or go back to bed.

I know little about Danish design so it's not that which holds me but instead the slice-of-life scenario playing out behind the glass.

So, as Wiking says, since the report was first released in 2012, everyone from journalists to researchers to policymakers are studying the Danes to see what makes them so happy.

As a scientist and the CEO of the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, an independent think-tank that focuses on happiness and quality of life, Wiking often wondered if hygge might be the secret of happiness.

Two faceless, wigless mannequins, clad in slippers and pajamas, seem to be gazing out and into the rainy street from their elegantly understated bedroom.

Candles, knick-knacks and books stacked askew clutter nearby end tables, and minimalist lamps cast a golden hue suggesting it is mid-morning.

"Our research shows that income and happiness are only related as long as you need money to make ends meet. In fact, says Wiking, a study that followed the same people for 75 years shows that the key to happiness is not fame and fortune but one's social relations, especially as we age and no longer have connections at work.