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He removed from his pocket a folded piece of stationery and handed it to me.“I hope you’ll not mind reading and signing this,” he said.He said, “And so, being very curious about sex even as an early adolescent—with all those farm animals around, how could you avoid thinking of sex?—I looked beyond my home to learn what I could about people’s private lives.” He did not have to look far, he said, steering the car toward the suburb of Aurora, where his motel was situated.“Welcome to Denver,” he said, waving in his left hand the note I had mailed him.“My name is Gerald Foos.” My first impression was that this amiable stranger resembled many of the men I had flown with from Phoenix. In his mid-forties, Foos was hazel-eyed, around six feet tall, and slightly overweight.He wore a tan jacket and an open-collared dress shirt that seemed a size small for his heavily muscled neck.He had neatly trimmed dark hair, and, behind horn-rimmed glasses, he projected a friendly expression befitting an innkeeper.

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“My wife, Donna, and I have been careful never to let her in on our secret, and the same thing goes, of course, for our children,” he said.

He watched her for five or six years and never got caught.