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Stars: Paolo Andino, Isabella Balbi, Morgan Bastin, Nicolas Bechtel A religious historical dramatic miniseries about God's creation and physical landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.Stars: Keith David, Robert Powell, Jake Canuso, Diogo Morgado A documentary that follows the efforts of "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently," a handful of anonymous activists who banded together after their homeland was taken over by ISIS in 2014. See full summary » Director: Matthew Heineman Porn has gone mainstream; the question is, can we handle it?Cold Stone Creamery franchise was listed as 2nd worst with a 31% failure rate.The much maligned (& litigated) Quiznos franchise was 3rd worst with a 25% default rate.These hired guns may not be household names, but are still masters of their craft.Director: Fran Strine A critical look into some true crime cases where American law enforcement made up for lack of actual physical evidence by using devious psychological tactics during interrogation in order to extract confessions from naive suspects.In 1975, a bombshell report ties his death to a top-secret experiment.Stars: Peter Sarsgaard, Christian Camargo, Scott Shepherd, Tim Blake Nelson Journalism icon Gay Talese reports on Gerald Foos, the Colorado motel who allegedly secretly watched his guests with the aid of specially designed ceiling vents, peering down from an "observation platform" he built in the motel's attic.

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Dre - one the son of a Brooklyn longshoreman, the other straight out of Compton - and their leading roles in a chain of transformative events in contemporary culture. Dre, Ice Cube A documentary film about session and touring musicians that are hired by well established and famous bands and artists like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel.

Quiznos recently settled four class-action suits brought by its franchisees, agreeing to pay as much as 0 million to end years of wrangling over its pricing, royalties and fees.” Curves franchise – 16%: “The overhead costs are pretty low, but the investment can be risky. Super 8 has the lowest default rate on this top-10 list, hovering just under 4%.” Days Inn franchise – 6%: “Days Inn is another member of the Wyndham Hotel Group’s franchise family.