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Over that, I put on a blue button-down shirt, Dockers, a sports coat, and my rubber-soled black dress sneakers. She bit her lip and bawled uncontrollably as I wrenched her tender tit flesh into contortions it was never meant to endure.

I slid the MASTER card key into the front pocket of my Dockers. "That’s how you could make it out to her, by her computer name, so she’ll know it’s 100% real and I was actually standing here talking to you." "What’s her handle? I told her the ISP name as she scribbled across the picture. I saw her eyes grafted to my crotch, too, unable to tear themselves away from the vision of my left hand stroking the holster holding the weapon that would destroy every last morsel of her childhood, her innocence. " I a jeered at her as I twisted her nipple one more turn. " "Y.…" she stuttered, knowing that was the only thing she could say.

The bell captain exited, and I busied myself with preparations. It is amazing how much bondage apparatuses one can fit into a large steamer trunk when properly packed. "Quit being a prissy little tight-ass teenage cunt starlet, and just fucking say it. " "M..m.only purpose in life is raped," she stammered. "Yes, sir," she whimpered, her eyes following my every move, trying to anticipate, yet not wanting to consider what I might do next.

The trunk was so large, that even with all my equipment inside there was room for a small, teenage girl to nestle inside. I stood before her again and smiled at her through my mask.

For a large four-star hotel in a major downtown metropolitan area, the hotel was sieve as far as its internal security.

I peeked over the front desk as I pretended to drop my pen down onto the lower counter used by the front desk personnel. Each slot corresponded to a room number, and next to each room was name card tucked behind a piece of cellophane. Rape toys get fucked and broken like the cunt whores they are, and they love it, they fucking beg for it.

I distracted the desk clerk momentarily and lifted the master key card from the peg, sliding it into my pocket. " she blubbered, the words spilling out of her mouth now. I should be ready to be fucked and raped by any man at any time. " I asked her, tugging on her panties and stretching them out. I stared in her eyes and saw that her brain was still working, still trying to figure a way out of her predicament. She was terrified I could see into her transparent little pea-sized brain.

Looking back down at the room rack, I found the blue cellophane marker once more. I made the mental note, and looked at my assigned number. I told the clerk I wanted a room on the fourth floor looking out over one of the city’s fountains. I insisted gently, and he shuffled some of his room blocking around and produced a key card. I nodded, thanked him and found a bell captain to help me with my luggage. I yanked back her head and cut her off another bitch-slap to the head. I’d broken through the barriers in her tiny pea-sized cunt brain. I pulled them out hard until the crotch coiled into a string and cut up into her tender, sparsely-haired snatch. "What do you say when I fuck your teenage cunt with your panties? The precocious little cunt was mouthing the words, but wasn’t speaking from her heart and soul yet. "You better fucking thank me, cunt," I jerked her face back and spit in her teary eyes. " "Fucking whore," I hissed, finally ripping the stretched-out panties in two. Dizzy from the sickness I’d introduced to her system and deprived the use of her arms, her knees wobbled unsteadily and she teetered slightly. "I want to show you my tits," she suddenly blurted. " "Because I’m your rape toy," she improvised without thinking. These little starlet cunts were always so sure of themselves, always so confident they could control any situation. Something more than just a pleasant-looking fuck hole.

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I told him I was on the road a lot, and kept my whole life inside. Improvise, cunt." " take off my panties …" she began slowly. Only she’d repressed it, masked it, like all the little cunt whores were taught to do by their cunt whore mothers. You want to be a good piece of rape meat, don’t you? " "Yes," she bawled, the stinging in her cunt making her squirm about in agony. "Please can I take off my nightshirt," she mouthed the words. I think you don’t really believe you’re my cunt-whore rape-toy at all. "I think you need to learn what happens to cunts who try and play me." "My tits," she bawled, "Please look at my tits!The tie-in with her character in "Bastard Out of Carolina" was obvious, and the promoters were really hawking the event and its featured speaker.Seeing this as the opportunity I’d been waiting for, I packed up my gear and hit the road, booking a room in the same hotel where the function was being held.My other outside pocket held a length of plastic cord I could use for makeshift restraints. I just followed the throngs of people and smell of food. It would make her life." "Maybe I will," the little cunt giggled. "I knew you’d be wet," I licked her ear, and she dry-heaved, the nausea of her infection and terror mingling.

Last but not least, I tucked away a small ball gag in the lower inside pocket and a vial containing a mild, yet effective e-coli bacterial suspension. At the door, I explained I’d lost my advance ticket and offered to buy another one at full cost for the charity. "In four years, your daughter’s going to be nuts about some teeny- bopper Hollywood brat, and if you don’t get their autograph for her you’re not going to be the best daddy in the world anymore, you know ..? "Let me see what I can do." He walked over to the little pixie cunt, talked, laughed, and came back. "Well, thanks," I withdrew and took my seat in back of the hall, keeping an eye on the pixie-cunt as she mingled some more. "You little cunt whores are always wet when you get what you want. "Yes." "We’re done here for now," I whispered to her.

Behind a translucent blue marker the name "Malone" jumped straight out at me. Now beg me for it, beg me to rip your panties to shreds, stuff them in your mouth, and make you my cunt whore.

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