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Using 100% certified organic ingredients with no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, balanced Energy products are produced and packaged in small batches so that they can check each batch carefully, ensuring customers received the best quality and flavour possible. Marty makes a great selection of Dutch smoked sausages based on traditional recipes.His sausages are gluten free and don’t contain any fillers or artificial flavours. You can try the bacon at the market in one of his Bacon Butties or the sausages on a stick.Edith sells a great range of raw honeys all of which are very good value.Varieties include Manuka, wetland, bush, clover and more. As well Edith makes and sells traditional European gingerbread using the raw honey as one of the main ingredients – see Gingerbread Magic below.His outdoor tomatoes are sun-ripened so naturally have fantastic flavour.Tumeric has long been known for it’s amazing health benefits – ELife’s goal is to provide the public with an age old herbal remedy using the best and purist ingredients from Samoa.Having seen them at work on their property, we can say that Sally and her team of market gardeners is a truly dedicated crew.

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As well Tracey is available to do flowers for weddings and parties.

Link to their Facebook SS Heer is one of the main growers of moth orchids and anthyrium lilies in NZ.