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16-Apr-2019 10:06

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Tinder bans tiger selfies from dating app Mikaela Linares, a Freehold, N.J., resident spent a few years rebelling against her parents and not attending the LDS Church.Despite a rocky start, the two have moved on successfully and have even started dating new people!Matt has found love with Caryn Chandler, his one-time farm manager!

“It’s grim,” Angela Carder, a marketing manager who lives in Manhattan, said about the Mormon dating culture. I’ve never been married.” There are about 2,000 unmarried Mormons in the greater New York city area, Carder said.

“If you’re trying to date in the Mormon pool, there is not a lot of selection,” Carder said.

“You exhaust your resources because there is no one available in your area.” Plus, dating within smaller congregations, called wards or branches, can be tricky.

Released last year, the app already has 100,000 worldwide users.

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“I’m kind of surprised it didn’t exist before,” Cooper Boice, the Arizona-based app founder, said.“It is sort of the idea of the rapture,” Rogers laughed, acknowledging the rapture is not part of the Mormon theology.