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It was on June 30, 1941, when the OUN-B announced an independent Ukrainian state in the city of Lviv. Analysts remain quick to tamp down assertions that Russia’s fingerprint on the latest attack is a sure thing. Russell: Russell, and the rest of Atomwaffen, received a wringing endorsement from brilliant Nazi hacker Andrew Auerenheimer. .“ “Ukraine’s Back-Channel Diplomat Still Shopping Peace Plan to Trump” by Reid Standish; reported that Artemenko had served as a back channel between Moscow and Trump associates. According to the biography on his official website, in the early 1990s he founded a law firm that advocated the interests of professional athletes and then he became a president of CSK Kyiv soccer club.

They murdered approximately 6,000 Jews in those pogroms.In addition to the CIA/FBI affiliation of Sater, it should be noted that Artemenko was part of the Pravy Sektor milieu in Ukraine, one of the most virulent of the OUN/B successor organizations in power in that benighted nation. And his wife Oksana Kuchma is not only a model but a businesswoman.Sater, Artemenko and others were working on a plan to rehabilitate Ukrainian nuclear power plants in order to generate electricity for Ukraine and the Baltic states, freeing those former Soviet republics from their old Soviet electrical power grids. Tall and brawny, Artemenko is a populist politician with ties to the far-right Ukrainian military-political group “Right Sector” and a member of the pro-Western opposition parliamentary coalition led by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s party. [Kind of According to Artemenko’s e-declaration, Kuchma has a land plot of 3,000 square meters and a house in Gnidyn village of Kyiv Oblast, an 850 square meter apartment in Lviv Oblast’s Zhovkva and also a 127-square meter apartment in Kyiv under construction.20 that he couldn’t confirm or deny whether Artemenko financed the Right Sector Party.

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“I was never into all the ‘financial stuff,’ but I have no information about him giving the money.

Again, he was working with Trump point man for matters Russian Felix Sater on this deal to provide nuclear-generated electricity to some former Soviet republics. Still, it’s a pretty alarming situation regardless of who was behind it, in part because it’s an example of how potentially vulnerable things like nuclear plants are to any hacker, state-backed or not: . Once inside the “air gapped” target network, Stuxnet relied on its own hard-coded instructions, rather than any remote commands sent in through the internet, to cause costly and sensitive nuclear equipment to spin out of control. Devon Arthurs – a neo-Nazi-turned-Muslim–murdered two of his neo-Nazi roommates back in May. According to the Ministry of Justice registry, the Global Business Group GMBh provides the variety of services: vehicles trade, various goods trade, restaurants business and business consulting.