Office communicator meeting status not updating

22-Jun-2019 09:34

Unfortunately, you seem to have to set this one reminder at a time — I couldn’t see any Outlook settings where I could change the default for this.

Here’s Peter’s solution: When you set any appointment, Outlook automatically sets your status for that appointment as Busy — this is what Lync picks up and displays.

The only way I can ‘kill’ it is to delete the ‘appointment’ (it takes a minute or two for your status to change back after deleting the appointment) or to manually change my status to Available.

I don’t want to be reminded about setting my Out of Office notification until late on a Thursday, so I need the flexibility of Calendar for that).

By default, all appointments are set to 30 minutes, so there may be several 30-minute periods in my work day when my Lync status shows that I’m Busy and therefore unavailable, when I’m actually available.

However, it’s baffled me as to why Lync often changes my status to Busy or Busy — In a meeting without my permission.

I wanted to find out why it does this and how I can stop it from doing so.When you’re in a Lync audio or video call, your presence indicator appears red, as Busy, and your status is updated to “In a call.” But you can also manually set your presence status to control how or whether you want people to get in touch with you.