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02-Apr-2019 06:43

It's noble that you brush your teeth after lunch, but it's gross that you leave a trail of toothpaste spit in the ladies' room sink.Whenever possible, grooming tasks should be done at home.I dread a.m., when you start peeling the hard-boiled egg for your salad.Forget the three-martini lunch—these days, lots of people don't ditch their desks for more than a few minutes, so eating over one's keyboard is an increasing occupational hazard.Even if you're not exactly Employee of the Year, all your colleagues love you…or do they?With crowded, open-floor-plan offices becoming the norm, it's easier than ever for employees to get on one another's nerves—and commit at-work etiquette faux pas.Before you even hit that print button, consider whether you really need a hard copy of, say, every email you send when there are electronic backup methods available.

Certain items, like low-rider pants that reveal a bit of bum every time you lean over and tops that show more cleavage than your average cocktail dress, are always work-inappropriate, no matter what the specific dress code states.If music motivates or calms you, earphones are a possibility, but even those can offend.