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Zeus’ wife, Hera then sent Iris, the messenger of the gods to the hall of Somnus in the Underworld, as she wanted to send a dream to Alcyone about the death of her husband, Ceyx.

The gods, taking pity on them, then transformed them into Halcyon birds. As I was enjoying a channel of one of the famous & hilarious family, my eye caught a mysterious Video title on the right corner of the screen “What they didn’t want you to know”.I’m not familiar with the man but he really looked professional. They ​say ​if you have a dream where ​there are people you actually know, you might be thinking about them to often (but no they didn’t even crossed my mind) or they might be thinking about me (for sure that’s not it too, we’re all good friends but nothing more than that, I don’t think I owe any of them any money too! and in my dream, we are all chatting in a canteen/food court.I think this has something to do with the job I want. I saw my 2 friends there Daniel and Lester chatting with me in a room that looked like a canteen. I’m not sure what we were talking about but I think Daniel is mocking me that time about my abilities. What caught my attention the most is the book Daniel is reading.June 18,2015 I tried to do Astral Projection again. I saw myself panicking while browsing on our wireless telephone for receiving a message from a businessman. The man I dreamed before is still a mystery but the weird dreams are just as unexplained. I figure out the 1st dream immediately coz I’ve been bothered by my work the whole week but surprisingly the 2nd dream needs to be interpreted more carefully.

I did not succeed BUT I had set of dreams - on different places, with different people. Then I was relieved the message was still on the phone. I know it’s cliche but that’s what I felt about the place. Sitting there are couples, I don’t know any of them. I remember me and my friends walked on that alley and then it looked like they won’t allow us to be there coz we’re all Single. The next scene, I remember being in the shower clothed and crying. I tried figuring out why I dreamed of Daniel and Lester in the first place.

Ovid also describes Morpheus as being the most talented of his brethren in mimicking human beings.