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23-Mar-2019 00:53

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I then looked through the hole in the wall and saw a guy who was standing up and jerking his hard cock right there for me to see.

I still had some of my tokens and also the tokens from the other guy. He must have approved because I then heard him putting tokens in.

I also placed more tokens and looked back through the hole.

It seemed like no time at all before I felt a warm sensation and more of the bitter taste on my tongue.

His cock started spasming and I realized that he was cumming in my mouth.

He tasted different then the last guy and the limp member really felt odd on my tongue.I went to the back where there were several guys milling about in the halls.I nervously ducked into a booth and latched the door. All I really wanted to do was get the heck out of there, but I stayed anyway.I kept that idea in mind and even drove past the place a few times, but it was months before I actually got the nerve to go in. I saw a guy standing behind a counter so I handed the guy 5 bucks.

He handed me some tokens and told me to keep it lit.It was a video of a hot little blonde who was getting triple teamed by some big dicked black guys.