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03-May-2019 20:02

The working group on Middle East of the Party of the European Left strongly condemns the recognition by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the possible transfer of the US Embassy.

The special regime of the city, the East part of which is occupied territory, is sanctioned in a number of UN resolutions, from 1947 to today (among others: 181/1947, 194/1948, 252/1968, 476/1980, 478/1980).

El candidato de la centro-izquierda Alianza contra la Dictadura Salvador Nasralla se ha enfrentado al actual presidente, Juan Orlando Hernández y al Partido Liberal que está en una muy en distante tercera posición.

Según todas las informaciones y las evidencias, las elecciones las estaba ganando Nasralla.

I have now the black and blue marks on my head which were made by mamma, and also a cut on the left side of my forehead which was made by a pair of scissors.

I never dared to speak to anybody, because if I did I would get whipped….