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10-Jun-2019 18:18

So Robert — a recovering heroin addict — used Google to source local shelters, and found one connected to a methadone program.

But there are other ways to put a roof over his head for the night.

Robert’s not the only homeless man optimizing his life via Wi-Fi.

One night at the Brooklyn shelter, one of the men scans the sign-in sheet, phone in hand.

Adam is 45 years old and graduated from Columbia University in 1994.

He used to hang out with the Hamptons crowd, including names recognizable from the social registers.

Going to jail wouldn’t be the worst thing, admits Robert, who is saving up for a new apartment.

“If I go to jail, I’ll still be able to paint and sell my art on e Bay, so it wouldn’t be so bad.

His dream is to sell his original artwork, but in reality, it’s the reproductions that pay the bills: monthly cellphone service, the occasional night at a hostel, gym membership and art supplies.Apps like Tinder, Airbnb, Facebook and e Bay offer solutions for earning money, finding companionship and even a place to sleep for the night.

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