Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property

02-Aug-2019 07:27

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Details about how to create an XSD schema and JAXB classes are explained in this tutorial.I will also briefly show exception handling and validation support in relation to SOAP faults.The schema Collection is the reason for the apache pom entry above.The schemas can be defined using, The WSDL can be defined automatically by spring from the schemas.An interceptor is something which happens before the request is passed to the webservice or after the webservice has finished with the request.

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I'm walking through the following tutorial: and I faced a problem.There is an optional property for 'request Suffix' and 'response Suffix'.These are the suffixes to define the entry points for the webservice. If you have not objects in your schema which end with 'Request' or 'Response' then there will be no obvious entry points for your webservice.The schemas can be defined using a schema collection.

The advantages are that multiple schemas can be used and the spring bean that holds them all can be reused.

If you want to create a static wsdl yourself then spring has plenty of support for publishing this too.

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