Pitfalls of dating after divorce

30-Mar-2019 09:01

Don’t bind yourself to the past conditions of domestic dating and limit your options when you have the opportunity to meet many foreign women, one who may be a wonderful and unexpected surprise that would not have made your list of one. You’re not accustomed to having an outsider find you a wife.

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The risk in planning to meet only one Colombian woman is high.They did the worst thing possible in international dating: visit one foreign woman.It is basic common sense that the more women you meet the greater your odds of success in finding a foreign bride.I have had clients spend months writing to one Latin woman only to realize before they can unpack their suitcase that she is not the woman for them.

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I have had many men call us or come to our door with sad stories of how they were suppose to meet a woman they were communicating with that never showed up at the airport, or the woman they met was not right for them, or had a boyfriend, or was not spending enough time with them, and they were now in a strange city not knowing what to do.

Did you marry the one before that, or the one before that?