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The previously uncovered camel image was discovered by Eudald Guillamet, a well-known restorative specialist from Andorra, who was invited by the State Office of Protection of Cultural Heritage of Bashkiria to clean the cave of graffiti.The images in the Kapova are remarkable for their use of red pigment and the caves are characterized by partially blurred shapes, partly the remains of erased drawings, and partially traces of Paleolithic artistic activities of unknown origin.The majority of the images were created roughly between 17,000 and 19,000 years ago.Also among them are advanced depictions of fish and anthropomorphic figures mixing human and animal traits.

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It is filled with representations of stone-age fauna such as the wooly rhino, bison, horse, and, of course, the wooly mammoth itself.

When we come back home after work, usually in the evening we are so tired that the only thing we want at that time is to relax on the front of TV. During relaxing evening we may watch a movie, look up something on the internet and then go to sleep. In whole honesty to be really happy in life we should be able to choose what we like and who we want to be with, not just by grabbing what the life throws at us.

We have gotten a lot of emails lately asking us about Military members overseas asking for cash from civilians, mainly women, to come home for leave from Afghanistan or telling the women that they have a very sick child that they need to come home and see.… continue reading »

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If you need some suggestions, the video below has a few.… continue reading »

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They tied the knot with an Islamic ceremony, the Nikah, and didn’t bother with a civil one.… continue reading »

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