Post dating a contract

08-Aug-2019 07:24

And it’s REAL dating y’all, not a jumpoff situation either.

MTO’s insider tells us athat Odell and Khloe have been low key seeing each other for months, and now they’re ready to take it public.

The NEW COUPLE was spotted making out at Drake’s Memorial Day Party at his house in L. It helps that we’re both fairly conscientious people, so we feel guilty about violating the terms of the contract. When I was living with Kevin, there wasn’t a lot of space for me in that relationship.And so, one of the things that I loved about being single is that I got to make all my own decisions about how to spend my time.I realized: There’s no advice for how to deal with this problem. I decided: I’m just going to do some research, which is sort of my approach to everything in life.

Bonos: How can the rest of us give ourselves our own reality checks?

Bonos: I loved reading about how your parents and grandparents met.