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Harry Potter stepped back in time with enough plans to deal with just about everything fate could throw at him. Mentions of rape, sex, unholy vengeance, and venomous squirrels. "Bruce, tell me again why this arm is so important." "Because it came from another dimension." A desperate move by Kakashi sends the rookies into another dimension, revealing a world crisis for both the Justice League and the Teen Titans. Harry and his friends ingested love potions; great - he could deal with that.BONUS CHAPTER UPIt all started when Harry's Faerie Godmother showed up three years after Second Impact to ask him for a tiny little favor. It took us ten years of tactical withdrawals and air strikes to stop their advance. Harry Potter wasn't surprised to learn he was a wizard. He was just surprised at what sort of wizard he was. But knowing that he found this out before and the people he trusted sent him back in time without his memory, to relive his past, again and again? AU time travel: The kyuubi no kitsune knew something was wrong, but couldn't put a paw on quite what. AU It was supposed to be Tom Riddle's sixth year at Hogwarts. I take it the wizarding world doesn't really have them, then? "No, not really." AU, assorted oneshots and snippets.It learned to write by inscribing seacoast rocks with images that happened to resemble this thing humans call text. Maybe she'd be able to finally answer the question that had been bugging him for a while now, since he had realised he'd forgotten the answer years ago. Minor Pairings Arch-mage Ra'jirra defeated Mannimarco twelve years ago, and kept his guild and family safe through the Oblivion Crisis. The Virgon Imperial Navy is but a shadow of what it once was..when all other fleets fall, the fleet must protect the memory of Virgon and te Colonies. Naruto Uzumaki makes a wish for the power he'll need.After that it was a grand downward spiral of original fiction, fan fiction and dastardly plots. Earnest Haines has fled the only home he knows in search of answers. At which point he gets a whole new set of problems. Three months into Naruto's training trip Jiraiya must leave him behind to go to check on a situation in Iwa, leaving Naruto to his own devices.As Odin, moments before Loki's fall into the abyss, Sam must find a way to deal with these family issues and, with luck, prevent the start of the path that leads to Ragnarok.Okay, this one borders a bit on the "Crack-fic" side of things, but give it a chance.After failing the summoning ritual, Louise is transported to an old and battered world, full of suffering and conflict. As the world changes her, Louise wonders about her future, the people she meets, and the impact she is to have on this world. Drafted into ANBU at a young age, Naruto is guided to the path of a Captain. The results become evident only a few years later and they are unexpected, problematic and quite a little entertaining for both. Alice was trying to visit Caterpillar at the Oriental Grove, but somehow got a little side-tracked and ended up in the Forest of Death... Also known as that fic where Erisah went a bit mad. After the first four Hokages are mysteriously returned to life, Konoha has to deal with the fact that they now have five Hokages, amongst other things. Harry Potter had never really managed a normal, peaceful Halloween, so he really shouldn't have been surprised when he was suddenly displaced from the grocery store and found himself in front of a maniacally cackling man in a very dramatic outfit.

So what happens when Harry, Hermione and Luna miss their mark in a BIG way?But he knows she won't find the happiness she needs with the readheaded male. Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of... When Orochimaru interrupts the Chunin Exams, Naruto discovers an ancient weapon of incredible heritage and astonishing power. 'Yeah,' Naruto decided 'I gotta get me some of that.'in a world where Madara has collected 8 of the bijuu, Naruto is the only one standing in his way.So, one evening, he chooses to take matters into his own hands. that is until Madara destroys everything important to him.There are occasional bouts of inspiration and occasional bouts of nothing. Tony Stark fell from the sky after defeating Loki's allies at the end of Avengers (the Movie). Technically it fusions/crossovers with Umi No Misaki - though the current plan is to mainly keep the crossover elements from doing any major interactions. Naruto thinks everything he did makes perfect sense, Kiri thinks he is a cult leader and Tsunade thinks she doesn't get paid enough to deal with this. Four different people from four different time-lines travel to the past for various reasons, and end up in the same time-line upon which they wreak havoc.

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It's too bad he didn't get back to his Earth, but instead fell into a city named Brockton Bay to collide and change the fate of one girl. Follow the adventures of the "time traveling" Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tenzo.Suffice it to say tossed to the edge of the galaxy, he still manages to stir up trouble. It's basically the often used 'Ranma has to be a girl for a while' plot... It also gives him the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the young and enigmatic Bellatrix Black as they change the course of history.

You would love to meet this wonderful woman but you are unsure how to do it the right way, ensure success of your meeting and how to avoid any misunderstanding caused by cultural differences. Those are the usual questions that men ask when planning a personal meeting: How can I be sure she will be there to meet me?… continue reading »

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