Radgrid not updating

21-Apr-2019 15:34

The value after the update is still the old value (before the update), not the updated value. After refreshing the page manually, the new value is displayed.I have verified by using breakpoints that the Page_Load fires, then the Need Data Source, and the page is displayed.If you ever have a need to explicitly set the Data Source to null before calling rebind, that means something is not following the expected standard in your code. You can create a richer user experience in your AJAX-enabled ASP. Partial-page rendering removes the need for the whole page to refresh as the result of a postback.

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After Update is called, the fields change back to the original values (before typing the changes).I have this in a method, because I was also trying to call the Bind Web Data Grid after every insert/update/delete, by calling it in the corresponding events. In your case, you need to use Advanced databinding, i.e. Regards, Tsvetoslav the Telerik team I have removed any calls to bind the grid, except for in the Need Data Source event.