Radiocarbon dating rock art

19-Jul-2019 17:53

Although there have been similar approaches in other studies they used only single samples, in our analysis we reported on nine samples from paintings from two Arnhem Land archaeological sites,” said Levchenko.

They have overcome problems with an approach first proposed and tested by archaeologist Dr Alan Watchman in Australia in the 1990s, who tried to do the radiocarbon dating using the bulk of the crust.

“Indigenous Australian rock art is very interesting, it is believed to be among the most ancient in the world but it is one of the least dated,” said Levchenko.

The research had the full support of the local Manilakarr Clan estate in western Arnhem Land and is the result of a long term collaboration with Ms Jones and other ANU collaborators with the Njanjma Rangers and the Djabulukgu Association.

In nearly all cases, such data are subject to significant qualifications, which in archaeological use are not adequately taken into account.

The corruption imposed on the first meaning becomes apparent when the term is used in the second meaning but the precision implicit in the first meaning is often attributed to such usage.

Especially in the Anglo-American version of archaeological practice, this method now forms the chronological backbone of the discipline.

All radiometric techniques (as well as some non-radiometric dating methods, such as fission-track analysis) provide sets of statistical information thought to relate to the age of samples; they do not yield sidereal or calendar ages.

Another reviewer called it the most significant rock art and dating paper to have been produced in Australia for over 25 years.

The approach has produced an upper and lower limit of dates for a regional art style known as Northern Running Figures (NRF) or Mountford figures, believed to have been produced in Australia during the early to mid-Holocene (10,000 – 6,000 years ago).The archaeologists suggested the maximum age is likely to be far older.

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