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192 Pages Published by Beacon Hill Press He was either loved or hated by those with whom He came into contact; rarely did He leave anyone with a feeling of indifference toward Him.The authorities of His day finally renounced Him as a fake, but The Christ leaves no doubt that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the "Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world." 300 Pages • Free Audio CD included Published by New Leaf Publishing Group We share common bonds - not just of faith or family, but also of struggle, triumph, and loss in our lives.This is the alarming conclusion from a study Answers in Genesis commissioned from America's Research Group, led by respected researcher Britt Beemer.

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With these 50 devotion-based lessons, Stobaugh expects "Christian students should score 4 - 5 points higher on the exam." Whether used over the course of a year or in 50 days, high school teens will: Many people get lost in their faith walk by using the map of their own understanding rather than the guidance of God.

I am writing to expose them and to take a firm stand against them; and to offer the one, absolutely certain answer... Whether you are already a believer in Christ, or don't know Him, I am sure this message can serve to free you from the bondage you maybe in.

My deep desire is that you would open your heart to hear the most important and glorious truth that was ever spoken to us through God's Word; and that is this: Christ Jesus CAN and WILL deliver you! They may have first been experienced in high school, when one young teen loses her best friend because of a silly fight. , author Shana Schutte invites readers to take an honest look at themselves and their relationships with God.

192 Pages Published by Master Books Anxiety and depression are epidemics in our society today.

I believe that we have fallen into a trap by choosing to use medication as a means of combating these issues.

Spurgeon, one of Christianity's most enduring influences, helps set the seeker on the path of peace.